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Reflections from the Soul of Ted Hinrichs

Ted Hinrichs Abstract Paintings have been displayed and sold in fine galleries for over a decade.  His work is available at the Iconic Main Street Swanky Interior Design Gallery, various exhibits, and now online.


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Ted Hinrichs

I am an experienced abstract painting artist working out of my personal studio, Reflections of the Soul Studio, Kansas City MO. My work has been shown and sold through Galleries and designers for more than ten years. More recently I have opened internet sales.

My work stands apart by the use of top-quality materials and my trademark of making work that is not only alluring, but also meaningfully intelligent, and conversational. I was trained in the classical basics of painting at Kansas University and as a Dean’s List student at The Kansas City Art Institute. However, that training is only a starting point. My work is continuously progressing through experimentation with new ideas and materials. It is constantly pushing the basics, which keeps my art crisp and original.

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Ted Hinrichs is a painter based in Kansas City, Missouri. He took a non-traditional path to his art career beginning first as a business major the University of Kansas.  Ted soon discovered that his elective art classes interested him far more and began a shift intohis creative side.  He discovered an aptitude for creative thinking, a love for artistic challenges, and a desire to create works he could share with others.  Hinrichs changed his major, took more art classes and graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts. However,It would be some time before he joined the art industry as he completed his military service and entered the business world, where he remained for thirty years.  During this time his passion for art continued to develop.Eventuallyhis unorthodox business plan became successful and when an offer to purchase his company was presented, he took it and never looked back. Hinrichs entered the Kansas City Art Institute and majored in painting, where he was named to The Deans List. After three Semesters Ted decided it was time to take his learning and experiences and began his career in painting.

Ted’s Art has has expanded and sold in many venues and Galleries in the Kansas City area. The These include, Catholic Charities Ball,Beco Flowers and Gallery,Weinberger Fine Art, Habitat Contemporary Gallery, Kansas City Artists Coalition and Swanky Interior Design Gallery.


Ted Hinrichs with one of his paintings at an opening reception at the Kansas City Artists Coalition.

Ted and his painting

Ted has displayed in galleries and sold paintings for discriminating collectors for over 10 years.

Artist statement

My abstract paintings are reflections of my soul. Through layers of color and spiritually inspired form, I express my inner being on canvas. My work is intentionally made to leave any conclusions to the viewer and is purposely conversational. It is my desire that every painting that comes out of my studio will be enjoyed for its visual enjoyment along with compelling reflections.

Even though It was an enjoyable growing experience, the business was a means to eventually enjoy my passion to make and share my art.
The opportunity came in the form of a terrible economic environment and new technologies which brought an invasion of large companies vying for market share.By utilizing new technology and an unorthodox business plan I used speed and personal attention to thrive in this environment.

My business career was a good experience and I learned two important lessons

  • It is creative thinking that puts one business ahead of another.
  • Some of the worst conditions in the financial world are incredible opportunities for creative courageous individuals.

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Ted Hinrichs